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Shekel's Extraordinary TV
To explain about the show
"The mission of the show is to shed new light on the reality of people with functioning difficulties: physical, emotional, mental and sensory. – we strive to positively highlight people coping with their difficulties. Emphasis is placed on films focusing on opportunities for self-fulfillment and inclusion in social and cultural life in Israel and around the world.
The show is produced and filmed etc. by a group of residents of Shekel organization for People with special needs.
To explain about Shekel
"SHEKEL-Community Services for People with Special Needs serves 8000 people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities, Jews and Arabs, in Israel. SHEKEL develops and operates programs and services to enable people with disabilities to live, work and participate in activities in the community rather than be shut away in institutions. SHEKELs main programs are groups homes, vocational rehabilitation clubs and extra-curricular activities, respite care, accessibility, children at risk, mental health program, rehabilitation for the homeless and child development. At SHEKEL we believe that people with disabilities have the right to live with dignity and honor in the community and it is society's obligation to provide the programs and services for them to do so, to achieve self-fulfillment and self-determination."
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